Privacy Policy

In this policy, “we”, “us” and “our” refer to the Data Controller: BeeLife, European Beekeeping Coordination, Avenue Louise 209/7 1050 Brussels, Belgium (hereinafter referred to as “BeeLife)

EU Pollinator Hub platform (hereinafter referred to as “Pollinator Hub) is a platform developed by BeeLife, European Beekeeping Coordination. This privacy policy explains how the Pollinator Hub uses the personal data we (BeeLife) collect from you when you use it.

How we use and manage your personal data

  1. We (the data controller) can use and manage the personal data of this website’s users, which we acquire at registration or user’s log-in procedure, according to GDPR./li>
  2. The Pollinator Hub allows end-users to centralise existing information related to bee health and provides tools to visualise the provided data. The Pollinator Hub provides a toolset for beekeepers and/or organisations to use on their own collected data for them to present the data in a more accessible fashion on interactive maps, graphs or reports – i.e., to visualise it.
  3. In accordance with GDPR, we can manage personal data if the client gives special personal consent. Personal consent is a voluntary expression of each person’s will, in which he/she agrees that his/her personal data can be processed for a specific purpose and consent is given based on requests for information that the Pollinator Hub provides. Personal consent can be given in writing, electronically, or in any other appropriate form.
  4. On the Pollinator Hub webpage and all connected subpages, we consider personal consent any behaviour of the visitor with which he/she explicitly agrees with published terms and conditions, such as selecting “CONFIRM”, “UPLOAD”, “PUBLISH”, “SUBMIT”, “SAVE” or “CREATE”.

Extent of managed personal data and purpose of their collection

  1. We process and manage the following personal data (which is provided by the user), such as name, surname, e-mail address, address, ZIP code, city, country of residence, phone number, user IP address, user’s webpage address, user’s employer information, user’s job position and/or job title, and user’s social networks.
  2. We use the above acquired personal data for the following purposes: mass e-mailing, personalised mailing, user segmentation, newsletter, sending offers, invitations to events, customer support, informing about events, informing about news and enhancing users’ website experience.
  3. Processing and managing personal data means any operation or string of operations executed in regard to personal data, that is automatically or manually processed and is intended to be included in a personal data database, especially such as acquiring, enrolling, editing, saving, adjusting or changing, recall, insight, use, disclosure by transfer, messaging, distributing or another way of spreading information, classification or connecting, blocking, anonymising, erasing or destruction of information.

Compliance for managing and processing personal information

  1. On the Pollinator Hub, users comply with managing and processing personal information when they opt in with a click on an empty bracket and click on “Confirm”, with which they agree and accept the Terms and Conditions and/or this Privacy Policy and gives personal consent allowing us to use, manage and process their personal information, which they voluntarily provided either via web-based form or is included in the user uploaded files to the Pollinator Hub.
  2. Based on previous consent, we can use, manage and process personal information for purposes listed in point 2.

User’s right to demand termination of personal data usage

  1. At any time, in writing or another agreed way (e-mail), the user can demand permanent termination of usage of his/her personal data, as well as permanent destruction of all collected data linked to the user or any other person.
  2. We will, in 30 days from the day of demand reception, properly prevent the usage of personal data and, about termination, notify the user, who explicitly asked for such notification.

Personal data protection

  1. We will handle and protect personal data, as per requirements in GDPR.
  2. We will utilise organisational, technical and other appropriate procedures and actions to prevent unauthorised access, change, loss or destruction of any personal information.
  3. If there are any links to 3rd party websites in no way associated or affiliated with the Pollinator Hub, we do not and cannot take any responsibility for the protection of such information provided by users to the 3rd party websites. We cannot be held liable for any wrong information given to us as true and accurate at the moment of registration or in the moment of submitting such information.

Duration of personal data storage

  1. Submitted personal data will be stored and used only for so long until the true purpose of their collection is achieved, but not longer than 2 years (with the exception of data related to published datasets, which are stored indefinitely). After that, we guarantee we will block access to collected data, and after explicit demand, the data will be purged as stated in point 4.


  1. The Pollinator Hub saves a so-called “cookie” on a user’s computer upon every visit. Cookies are text files saved on the user’s computer and used for statistics and analysis of the user’s website visits, the number of visits, and what interests the user upon these visits. A Cookie holds basic information about the user’s visit to a certain webpage (name of the visited webpage on the World Wide Web), and as such, the contents of the cookie are saved on the user’s computer in a special address book directory. With a double click on a cookie, the user can inspect detailed information about the website and the date and time of the visit.
  2. Users can delete selected, selected or all, cookies, exclude them or use them under special conditions, but the consequence of such limitation manifests itself in reduced website functionality.
  3. We can connect acquired information with data saved in cookies. Data that cookies produce, either separately or in combination with personal data, can be used by us to assess the website’s effectiveness, create reports about the website activity, create analysis, analyse shopping habits, design direct marketing based on shopping habits, create further offers and services, connected with the webpage usage and other activities of direct marketing.
  4. It is to be presumed that the user, upon registration on the Pollinator Hub, gives consent to plant a cookie and personal approval to use and process personal and other data. This also extends the possibility to manage and process connected personal information which can be acquired from cookies, which the user has produced for intentions of direct marketing of services, products or other activities on Pollinator Hub.
  5. We use and store the following cookies:
Name Group Function Lifetime
cookieaccepted Required Remembers, if cookie consent was accepted. 400 days
wp-wpml_current_language Required Remembers current language. Until browser closure.
eu_pollinator_hub_session Required Remembers current session information

1 hour

XSRF-TOKEN Required Used to validate further requests

1 hour

User of personal data

  1. The Pollinator Hub is the user of personal data. The Pollinator Hub is a project of BeeLife, European Beekeeping Coordination, overviewed by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).
  2. Any questions, doubts or requests about the confidentiality of data, way of collecting and using data or other connected questions should be appointed to BeeLife, European Beekeeping Coordination; please contact us through regular mail, via e-mail, on or through the provided form on the Pollinator Hub itself.

Brussels, 29.01.2024
A copy of this document can be downloaded here.